We are attempting to expand the vision and develop the capabilities of our youth, helping to offer them a future filled with many opportunities. We have decided from the outset to offer programs from reading to music, from language to dance. Our desire is to take part in offering a broad range of experiences to an audience that seldom has access to the many forms of arts and education. We have linked our efforts to many internationally acclaimed organizations and their programs, while at the same time reaching many local organizations, providing funds to aid in their growth and development.

In the area of Education, we invest in projects that bring culture in various forms into the classroom. In addition, we have helped regions and individual schools to improve their literacy programs by supporting projects focused on early education, improving the skills of teachers and thus their performance within the classroom.

We prefer to partner with non profit organizations who recognize the importance of including the many who normally would have little opportunity to take a dance class, attend a concert, learn another language. A few of these organizations are Lincoln Center, Alvin Ailey, Miami City Ballet, Brooklyn Academy of Music. Hope Stone, Bates Dance Festival, Young Audiences, the YMCA, to name a few.

We began as a United States focused organization in 1994, but now have expanded in a major way with a four year old program created in Brazil. This ELL program has brought an opportunity to many thousands of very young children in low income areas to learn english.

Please look through our website to get an idea of what we are doing and with whom we are partnering in the most rewarding of pursuits.

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The Sequoia foundation invests in education as a path to provide concrete opportunities for all children.

We believe that, by establishing new partnerships, we can expand our actions and be a positive transformation force the lives of an even more young Brazilians.