Our efforts in Brazil come from our local Brazilian sister company, Associação Sequoia Foundation through our ELL or English Language Learners program.

The backbone of our ELL program is to provide a high level of teacher training along with all the tools necessary to be successful in the classroom. We have provided teacher’s exchange programs between the US and Brazil, allowing teachers to visit and learn what happens in classrooms outside of their own county.

We have provided educational professional development specialists to work with the many teachers in the various cities where we are working and we have established an online community among the teachers and professionals in order to offer ways of enhancing their teaching skills. In addition, in Partnership with the Fulbright Commission, we have established a program to have English speaking teachers from the US live in the different communities for the better part of each year. They aid in the classrooms as well as offering an opportunity to teachers to improve the understanding and use of the English language.

The first several years of this project have been funded solely by the Sequoia Foundation, but with the successes we have been experiencing, we are now being contacted by others interested in becoming partners or supporters of our efforts in Brazil.

Since 2006, through a partnership with the Brazil Foundation, we have offered support for two wonderful projects. Gente e Para Brilhar (People are meant to shine), in Rio de Janeiro, and Grio: a Tradicao Viva (Grio: Living Tradition), in Bahia.

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